Moroccan Culture in a Bottle, since 1900. Nahmias & Sons

Nahmias Et Fils, the only Mahia producer in the United States, is located in the growing artistic region of Yonkers, New York. Formerly an auto body shop, the distillery was renovated from the ground up by husband and wife duo, David and Dorit. David grew up in the Southern Moroccan town of Taznakht and was raised by a family of distillers of Mahia, a unique Jewish alcoholic fig beverage using a secret brewing process that has been passed down for generations.

Upon his arrival in Brooklyn, David met Dorit. In 2012, they fulfilled a shared vision of opening their own Mahia distillery, which was soon joined by the Legs Diamond Whiskey line, named for the Hudson Valley prohibition legend. A mom-and-pop enterprise, Dorit’s experience with the TTB and as an IPO person combined with David’s Mahia legacy created the dream entrepreneurial team for Nahmias Et Fils, which assists other local New York-based liquor brands in fulfilling their productions while remaining the sole producer of Mahia in the United States.

In 2012, husband and wife duo David and Dorit renovated a former auto body shop in Yonkers New York into a family-operated distillery. The two carried on David’s family tradition from back in Taznacht, Morocco: producing fig liqueur Mahia following a century-old heirloom recipe. The distillery continues the story of local prohibition-era bootlegger legend Legs Diamond, producing a line of whiskey using locally-sourced ingredients. Our mom-and-pop operation does not only produce, but also guides others with an entrepreneurial spirit. They share their experience in licensing, developing, approvals, and necessary processes with young entrepreneurs, guiding them from formula development to market sales.